Wasted Laika and their Forgetful Plains

One of the most exciting bands to come out of Beijing this past few years, Wasted Laika丢莱卡 are wasting no time making a name for themselves. With this year’s national tour not just six months removed, the punk band turned […]

New Music China: Seippelabel Vol. 10

Seippelabel Vol. 10 The tenth volume of the Seippel’s brilliant series of compilations focuses primarily on dance music, on electronic music that gets your toes tapping. Brad and Michelle Seippel have brought together ten fantastic artists from around the globe […]

Huang Cheng’s Soundtrack to Guangdong’s Urban Villages

Over the past two years, Shenzhen has been the centre of much discussion about the fate and the future of villages such as Baishizhou, Hubei and Gangxia. Unfortunately media pieces dealing with the fate of these historical sites tend to come and go, but it is the work of such actors as Huang Cheng that keeps the ever revolving conversation alive as Shenzhen continues to urbanise and space in the city becomes more scarce and valuable.