Year: 2017

Mixcloud Playlist: Songs of the Year

  1Faziby Fazi 2Leaving the Cityby Shu Ying 325by Birdstriking 4The Landscape the Tropics Never Hadby Chui Wan 5Apollo and Dionysusby Truetrue 6Stay in My Armsby Joy Ginger 7Honey Knowsby Sound and Fury 8I Like Your Girlfriend Tooby Dirty Fingers 9One Unforgettable Nightby The White Tulips 10The Second Dreamby City […]

Songs of the Year 2017

Great albums were released. Great tours were embarked upon. Bands disbanded, bands came up with debut pieces. Cities rose and fell on the basis of their flagship acts. Venues crumbled and venues erupted. A lot of things happened in 2017; […]

Interview: Default

Que Sheng’s California Nebula was one of the hottest albums of the year. The Beijing based band created something thoroughly unique with their debut EP, so we wanted to have a quick chat to explore what exactly went into the making of it. […]

Albums of the Year 2017

As our inaugural list, we went for a biggie – albums of the year. In order to add our names to the list of venerable publications summing up the year in music, we gathered together our scattered knowledge of the […]