China Expat: Musical Expat – 女囚69

While listening to Chinese music it is hard to avoid thinking and then discussing some fundamental anthropological questions. 

女囚69 are a Shanghai based band whose name, when translated, mean female prisoner 69. The band’s lyrics are all in English, and they create music that is a mixture of Black Flag era punk rock and Parquet Courts esque slacker rock. 

Their song Telling Lie and Making Friends is a sort of parable about living in modern Shanghai. They make reference to “the worst type of expats,” people who talk and talk about the export/import business, and who work as English teachers ~ oops for me. 

Besides the casual racism, their guitar based punk is a welcome relief from the tame, esoteric contemporary R&B that is making the rounds these days, and they are well worth a listen. 

女囚69 – Telling Lies And Making Friends

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