Music: Who is Yaeji?

On Pitchfork this week, a Korean producer, singer and rapper called Yaeji was namedropped for future musical recognition as her Drink I’m Sippin’ On was named best new track.

Yaeji has practically burst onto the scene in just the past few months. She released her self-titled EP earlier this year, which is a collection of five magnificently crafted and catchy tunes.

Her vocal intonations have been praised as being somewhat revolutionary, as they further break the mould set by strong, soul singers who have been so prevalent within the scene for so long.

Yaeji’s style sounds self-consciously tongue-in-cheek. While she does hail from a country (Korea) revelling in a music revolution of sorts, her references to “German Whips” on Guap as sung in her all too mellow vocals, less than impress.

But that is to her great credit. In the same way that Grimes reached superstardom, Yaeji does it her own way. She does not so much inhabit the lifestyle of House Music Producer, as she does elevate it.

Her style tends more towards R&B, with a hell of a lot of bass – some indication as to why she was picked up by GODMODE in NYC.

Stylistically Korea is a playground of genres waiting to be plucked, and Yaeji has shown with her first EP and follow up singles that her particular style is gravy.



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