Birdstriking China Tour 

Birdstriking will begin their tour of China in support of their album Holey Brain. 

Take a look to see if your city is on the list:

10.13 Friday, Join Young, Tianjin

10.14 Saturday, An Xiang Coffee, Baoding 

10.15 Sunday, The Roof (new one), Luoyang

10.17 Tuesday, Sub Ark, Xinxiang 

10.18 Wednesday, 7LIVEHOUSE, Zhengzhou

10.19 Thursday, Midie Live, Xi’an

10.21 Saturday, Little Bar (Fangqin), Chengdu

10.22 Sunday, MAO livehouse, Chongqing 

10.24 Tuesday, Jin livehouse, Guiyang 

10.26 Thursday, Coastline, Wuhan

10.27 Friday, 46 livehouse, Changsha 

10.28 Saturday, 191 Space, Guangzhou

10.29 Sunday, Music Base Bar(Shangbu), Shenzhen

10.31 Tuesday, So What, Dongguan 

11.01 Wednesday, Artspace 9, Zhuhai

11.02 Thursday, LMA, Macau 

11.04 Saturday, Real Live, Xiamen 

11.05 Sunday, Black Iron, Nanchang

11.07 Tuesday, Animal World Music Commune, Quanzhou 

11.08 Wednesday, Maker Live, Fuzhou 

11.09 Thursday, Gebi, Yiwu

11.10 Friday, YuYinTang, Shanghai 

11.11 Saturday, WAVE, Suzhou

11.12 Sunday, Loopy, Hangzhou 

11.14 Tuesday, Ola Livehouse, Nanjing 

11.15 Wednesday, Beacon, Ningbo

11.17 Friday, Downtown Bar, Qingdao 

11.18 Saturday, NOVA Club, Jinan 

11.24 Friday, Yugong Yishan, Beijing

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