Die!ChiwawaDie! – Demos

Guangzhou Punk band Die!ChiwawaDie! recently joined forces with fastcore Beijing based act Struggle Sessions to create a split LP, that crunches like metal through metal. It’s raw like Mission to Burma, if Mission to Burma were fronted by Corey Taylor from Slipknot. If their sound was a drink it would taste a little like a dry, sour cocktail made of broken glass and whiskey bourbon.

The intensity of their record stands in stark contrast to a pair of demos that Die!ChiwawaDie! released on bandcamp in April of this year.

They wisely made a small note next to the demo, letting listeners know that the songs were recorded in 2015, that they would no longer be playing them for the public.

Assuredly their style has changed in the intervening years.

On Demos they sound practically soft and fluffy, channeling something closer resembling the subdued work of Black Flag. The pair of songs on the short post, entitled Demos are KNF and To Be. These songs of yesteryear make use of climactic singalong parts which sound quite teenaged and sentimental, good for a mosh pit or an Enter Shikari gig.

Vocalist Jinbo sings in English, although the words often become violently garbled as the guitars obfuscate her voice. There are moments when it is unclear whether she sings in English or rather Chinese. It is in the breakdowns which occur during the aforementioned singalong moments that we can really hear her voice and her intonation of lyrics like “Can you see the Light?” and “To be a dreamer, to be a lier, to be a public enemy.”

Their early punk reckonings veer into the arena of Noise Rock. Comparison could be made to the sound of Kim Gordon-led Sonic Youth, which is entirely great and fun to listen to.

So it is clear that they have transcended some certain youthful moment, that they have dug further into the crevices of their souls, and so it is also interesting to hear their humble beginnings – the point at which they were more than a specifically appealing hardcore punk band and when their music was capable of appealing to the world at large.

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