Noise Arcade – Burning Bridges

Noise Arcade is an act which has been around the block a few times. The electronic producer has extensively toured South Asia, released albums with various different labels throughout China, and has been pressed by magazines all over China.

His previous album Selective Memory was recorded on Huashan Records in Shanghai and was named by magazine, Smart Shanghai, as one of the best albums of 2014.

This time he is back with a new four part record, called Burning Bridges, released on famed purveyor of oddities, Nasty Wizard Recordings.

The record opens with An Entrance of a Different Sort. We are taken on a street sweep in the company of looping beats. The track begins very eloquently and well spoken, only to retrograde and become more and more haggard. The use of drumbeats gives it an Urban kind of sound, dragging the listener back down from the spacey heights of the overarching rhythm.

An Entrance… melds perfectly into Uncalculated Errors, in a very Kraftwerkian way (era Autobahn.) The pace drops for a moment and the drums become more prevalent, the rhythm starts to loosen, sounding more like ripples in a pond, a kind of doppler effect of thumping beats. Confusion reigns, until focus is reattained with a scattered looping sound.

This is music for people interested in landscapes, in emotions, and emotional reactions to urban life. Music like that which is made by Noise Arcade reminds me of photography. There is not so much a direct involvement by the artist in life, as there is a particular emphasis on observation.

Apart from the obvious observation that this music is intoxicating, brain melting and ultimately warmly introspective, the beats themselves are an interesting dichotomy, some of which point to the sky, and some of which look directly at the ground, and others which look down alleyways.

Noise Arcade has made an utterly interesting piece of music here.

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