New Music: Tentacles Of Miracles – Fossil Lights

Tentacles of Miracles, bound by a miraculous musical connection that seemingly spans oceans and continents, is made of up of Beijing based electronic auteur Fløøød and Toronto based Vurado Bokoda.

As the self-professed legend goes, the pair have only met three times, but such was their sonic communion that they came out the other end of their meetings with a burst of tracks, and a singular idea for a record ~ Fossil Lights.

Doppleganger, the first track on the record, as the name might suggest, is quite the head fuck. Tentacles’ experiment here with offbeat rhythms, with drum machines falling in and out of synch with the rhythm of the tune.

There is a lot to be said for the overt amount in this track alone. Tentacles play around with scratched records; persistent and sober beats; beats that fall away like doomed trapeze artists. This singular track is a voyage.

Uraniborg maintains this plot, this time with the experimentation emphasizing pitch and tone. You can almost feel that the synthesisers are not mere music, but rather glaring starlight beaming in from the outside of Tentacles’ rocket ship window.

Staggered Dub opens Ppopper. The general feeling of Tentacles’ music is cinematic. Ppopper sounds like a stroll through the outdoors of some vacant and grey city somewhere on Planet 9.

There is a very eerie depth to Nembrotha. Baritone synths carry an organ-like layer of rhythm, in a manner (excuse the vast leap of logic here) reminiscent of old UK Garage, the original scary real urban sound.

Bangalore Mirrorshades is a genuinely scary track, as the pace of the Asiatic, Arabian nights vibe climbs steadily throughout its four minute length, reaching with robotic, Ozymandius claws towards a very loud, very intimidating climax.

A lot of these tracks incorporate aspects of world music, strange flute instruments and woodwind rarities that do not often see the light of day beyond their pre-ordained zone. When such strange sounds are enlarged and worked upon by electronic magesterios such as the Tentacles, the end result is seemingly an effusion of spacey, atmospheric, odyssean tunes.

While what Tentacles have done here may not be danceable, but for the very few, those who appreciate a good headfuck should not miss out on the chance to give this record a listen.

What I am reminded of most is the slightly more spacious and ambient majesty of Nicolas Jaar’s Space is Only Noise. Whilst there are very few similarities between the two records, the artists on either side do show an appreciation for the beauty of experimentation.

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