New Music: Gooooose – They

A short little album of just three songs, Gooooose’s They is a melodic mix of rasping beats, underpinned by a pin sharp layer of atmospherics which is almost adhesive in its ability to cling on to dying synthesized notes.

Gooooose is the side project of DuckFightGoose’s Han Han. The Shanghai man has released under the moniker before, and generally uses it as an outlet for his more experimental musical flights.

The first track up, they grow, sounds anthemic and somewhat revelatory. In terms of musical style, it is not such a huge leap from Gooooose’s band DuckFightGoose’s musical prerogative. What is in stark relief, is the absence of vocals and the absolute focus on the rhythm and melody itself.

they learn elaborates on the theme of spacey exploration. Perhaps it is just me, but it seems as if there are a whole host of Chinese act’s becoming interested in looking upwards into the void. What Gooooose brings to the table is an interesting and unafraid approach to space and shifting rhythms.

His own range of interests seem to rely upon percussive sounding beats, alien tropes and looping beats which slowly disintegrate into one another to create a vibe that is at once quite satisfying, but also just a little bit insidious and frightening.

We end up with they dream. Dreams are quite an impossible thing to express, and what we are forced to encounter is the thought, who is having these dreams? Who are the they that Gooooose is talking about.

 Gooooose ~ They

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