News: What are Modern Sky Doing?

Modern Sky is already one of China’s biggest and best renowned independent labels, however it seems that they are not satisfied with merely remaining a stable on the music scene in their homeland.

After holding a two-day hip hop festival in Chengdu this September, MDSK (the hip hop offshoot of Modern Sky) are currently preparing for a label party at the 02 Ritz in Manchester on November 9th.

In a move, supposedly meant as a celebration and launch after the company set up its UK office in Liverpool this year, it is still quite a costly marketing ploy for a label that has yet to break the 500 mark in Facebook likes.

Guangzhou born rapper Tizzy T, Singer Kafe Hu and OB03 will all perform on a night being billed as MDSK Rush Party.

That comes on the heels of the launch of groups sports label, appropriately titled Modern Sky Sports, which will help to stage the famed Californian Yoga and Music event Wanderlust Festival, which expand to Shanghai and Beijing in 2018.

Initially an Independent Label, Modern Sky certainly still has strong ties to the Independent Music Scene in Shanghai and Beijing, though that grasp may become tenuous as the label focuses its efforts internationally.

Alibaba and Wanda have both made similar efforts to move beyond the massive, but limiting Chinese market recently with mixed results, so let us see how the poster boys for the virtually ignored independent music scene fare.

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