New Music|China – Wang Wen ~Blazy

Wang Wen have been around as long as anybody. Anybody besides Cui Wan maybe, but long enough, still. Since 1999, this hardworking instrumental act have been churning out albums and side projects and beautiful odes to both China and the wider world, although their most specific point of interest may be their home city, Dalian.

Dalian is a coastal city, up North in Liaoning Province, touching Inner Mongolia. It is known largely as a port city, despite Wang Wen’s efforts to draw eyes towards its spot on the map.

Just recently, Xie Yugang, wrote an album in praise of the Echo Library in Dalian, while this particular case of music again comes courtesy of that lost treasure trove. Yugang teams up with Yang Haisong of PK14 on this album to make an electrified, instrumentally driven, vocally absorbed piece of soothing drone music.

There is a creeping quality to the spoken word opener Blazy Pt 1. Static squeals in the background like fingernails running down a chalkboard. Simplicity is a thing not well feigned. Wang Wen have the skill to pull simple, yet absorbing rhythms, seemingly at will.

Haisong’s voice is given a sonic overhaul on naniwacho, as the echoes of that appropriately named library begin spreading waves across the firmament of our musicians voices, rhythms, instrumentals.


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