New Music China: Sound and Fury ~ Honey Knows

Shenzhen based Boring Productions are back again, hot on the heels of Butterbeer’s recent and wonderful Obliviate, this time with a single called Honey Knows by a new band, Sound and Fury. 

Their sound and fury is ostensibly and internal and beautiful storm in the form of a shoegaze number. Tagged on their Douban page are Radiohead, alongside Dream-Pop and the term Frozen Island ~ all of which makes for a collective flurry of meaning. 

Sound and Fury do tend to reference UK based shoegaze bands of the 90’s, the likes of My Bloody Valentine et al. In the midst of their creativity is a sharp tribute to those legacy bands, with the end product a nice conglomerate of some of the best aspects of the resurgent movement. 

In fact they bear more than a passing resemblance to fellow music historians and music appreciators, Yuck, whose debut in 2011, was a similar retrospective affair. 

Sound and Fury’s debut album Sprout will release on the label this month, on the 24th. You can catch more developments with the label’s bandcamp:


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