New Music China: 虾米音乐人 ~ Next Level

China based streaming service Xiami (虾米) is about as reliably eclectic and comprehensive a musical service as you are going to find in China. 

Xiami allows groups and users to upload their own music and works like an alternative to other oft used services bandcamp and douban (豆瓣.)

In this age of vaguely patterned playlists and mixtapes, it is perhaps quite keenly a great thing to have chinese folk making playlists based on what is hip in the world of China music. 

Such are the workings of 虾米音乐人’s (xiami music guy) artist page. While ostensibly a singer songwriter, xiami music guy is more of a curator of modern electronic, lo~fi hip hop tracks coming out of The Middle Country. 

On the most recent release dished up by the music guy, we are given a taste of lo-fi mixologist su+su+su, r&b lotharios 龙井说唱,indietronica crossover trap artist Bohan Phoenix. 

While none of this curation seems very legitimate, authorisation receives its comeuppance by way of exposure. 

虾米音乐人’s Xiami Page

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