Live Review Guangzhou: 文雀 (Wenque) @ TU Livehouse

Math instrumental rockers Wenque made a pitstop in Guangzhou this Saturday, November 18th on their national tour in support of their new EP 迷路记,which literally translates as Lost Memory. 

There wasn’t a dry eye nor ear in the house as the Beijing rockers went from well loved tune to well loved tune to raucuous applause for all those gathered in appreciation of their powerful ambient guitar driven style. 

With a name that in English might be the name of a bird, it is hardly unexpected that the band danced upon the vapourous evening air and mingled with alcoholic scents in Guangzhou’s Yangji district, in a darkened hallway nestled beneath the howling traffic passing along the Zhongshan interchange. 
Next up for Wenque is Chengdu on the 24th of this month, when they play Xiao Jiuguan Kongjian. 

Wenque Xiami Page

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