Music For Your Mood: November 20th

As a quick Autumn shortly gives way to a bitter Winter, you might ask yourself, how did I go from wearing shorts two weeks ago to wearing three layers of jumpers this week?

And who knows how else the weather will change in the weeks that lead up to Christmas. Perhaps we’ll be celebrating the day in our underwear, sweating buckets induced by both heat and a heady concoction of beer and turkey.

In this season of bitter winds, it is important to stay warm, and what better way to warm your insides than with a nice tune.

Without further ado, here is our pick for songs of the week.

Sound and Fury – Honey Knows:

Another hit for Shenzhen label Boring Productions, Chengdu-ian Shoegazers Sound and Fury are gearing up for a big month with the release of their debut album Sprout on November 24th.

Our Review of Sound and Fury’s Honey Knows

Wen Que – Diamond Cut:

Wen Que took their ambient rock music to Guangzhou this past weekend and brought the house down in TU Livehouse. Their latest EP, Lost Mind, is an oldie, but also a goodie. Check out opening track Diamond Cut and begin your education.

Our review of Wen Que at TU Livehouse

33EMYBW – Medusa:

The newest act to release their debut record on D-Force Records, 33EMYBW are a force of atmospheric nature, and titular track Medusa shows just how far 33EMYBW have come stylistically since their previous releases.

Our Review of 33EMYBW’s Medusa

Higher Brothers – Flo Rida:

Not exactly a pop at pop rap phenomenon Flo Rida, Chinese Rap crossover act, Higher Brothers, are back with a new track, collaborating Ski Mask the Slump God this time. A perfect introduction to China’s answer to trap gods Migos.

Higher Brothers – Flo Rida

Shu Ying – Hardly Spoken Girl:

Shu Ying’s Girl’s Girl’s World is a fantastic representation of Shu Ying’s artistic diversity. Listen as she drops emotional insight, and creates rocking loops on Hardly Spoken Girl. When you are finished go and listen to the rest of the album.

Our Review of Shu Ying’s Girl’s Girl’s World

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