New Music China: Sound and Fury ~ Sprout

Certain patterns seem to define what we have come to describe as the Chinese Music Scene. 

As widely distributed and scattered as bands are in this mammoth of geographical nous, Chinese bands seem to arrive at the same point in style at the same time. 

The spirit of the month seems now to be shoegazing, whilst we were, and still are, treated to punk and post punk in the past. It is fun, and possibly arbitrary to dwell on the possibility that China’s underground musical renaissance bears a passing resemblence to the twists and tumbles that went before in England and America. 

With all that said, Boring Productions are back. The Shenzhen based label is taking the sixth most economically attractive city in the world and painting it a shade more poetic. 

This time Chengdu band, Sound and Fury lend their guitar and vocal talents, on new album Sprout. Whilst Chengdu is better known for its rap scene right know, Sound and Fury bend their defiant gaze kneeward with some fantastic lo-fi noise rock, in classic shoegazing style. 

Honey Knows, their first single off Sprout, set their course as a succinctly sharp band with all the stylings of a band with the sensibilities of My Bloody Valentine or Yuck

Sprout sees them shed more skin, with Morning Glow sounding terrifically melancholic and stormy, two words not often used in collaborative description. They strictly maintain their tremolo guitars for the extent, in creation of a lovely wall of electric sound. 

It’s ALL OK, begins with nice bright guitar lines, whilst the female vocals punctuate the feedback background with about as much clarity as a laser in a dark room. 

What is clear by the time we finish this album is that Sound and Fury are not a shoegaze band in the typical sense. With the benefit of hindsight, Sound and Fury are like a band possessed of the idea of exactly what effects and sounds they want to produce on Sprout. Their range belies the narrow little terminology that sometimes seems so tightly compacted with the term shoegazing, and, despite some very lo-fi production values, there are plenty of spots of beauty in which the listener can linger. 

Sound and Fury – Sprout (Xiami虾米)

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