Weekender: What’s On 23/11 – 26/11

Doesn’t the air smell a little bit sweeter on a Thursday afternoon?

The birds sing with more pep to their tune, the hum of accelerating heartbeats fills the metro car as multitudes of us poor Monday to Friday workers anticipate another end to the formidable weekday blues.

What better way to celebrate the coming of the weekend than with a pint in one hand, and the other raised towards the sky in tribute to some of our favourite bands.

With that being said, here we give you our picks of the best of the gigs in Guangzhou this weekend.


Friday 24th November 2017:

Sofia Jannok

20.30 @ TU Union, Guangzhou Dadao, Yangji|120-150 rmb tickets


Swedish Folkist Sofia Jannok will imbue the cool winter air recently descended upon our unfortunate tropical climate, with more than just a snuffling nose and an aching chill. Jannok’s music glitters with as much powdery wonder as the snows of her homeland. Be sure to make it.

Saturday 25th November 2017:

Shou Mai 守麦  

20.00 ~ 21.30 @ 191 Space, Guangzhou Dadao Zhong Lu 191, Wuyangcun|60/80 rmb tickets


Locally formed Shou Mai return to Guangzhou this Friday, bringing all of their haunting romanticism to the esteemed 191 Space. Catch them and be utterly bewildered by the inherent beauty of their neo-folk sound.


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