Monday Mood: Mixtape 11/27/17

We end November in a spell of cold weather. Just this week the wind came in like a bolt of lightning, temperatures dropping by five plus degrees and shorts being quickly traded for warm winter jackets.

The season is surely upon us, and what better way to get through those blustering early mornings on the train than to wrap yourself in a scarf and head phones playing the best of what China music has to offer this week.

Sound and Fury – It’s ALL OK

If you caught our review of Sound and Fury’s debut, you’ll know that we are quite keen on the Chengdu band’s shoegazing miasma. We’ve had them playing on repeat on our Xiami, and we don’t look like stopping anytime soon.

 Sound and Fury (xiami虾米)

Whizzbiz – Weekend

We happened across an unmissable opportunity to catch Guangzhou based Trap Rap artist Whizzbiz. Unfortunately one thing led to another and the gig was cancelled before it even began ~ keep your eyes peeled for more on this. Despite all that our curiosity was piqued and we’ve been listening to Whizzbiz since.

Whizzbiz – Weekend (Xiami 虾米)

Thin City – Rock City

Shenzhen based Punky brewsters Thin City are primed for a collaboration with Boring Productions in the coming months. Rock City attests to their twee sensibilities, although don’t settled for the recorded version, Rock City are, according to reliable sources, a band best seen live.

Thin City – Rock City 

Chiken Pest – Guangdong Heiren广东黑人

On the other side of Whizzbiz’s weekend disagreement were Chiken Pest, a group apparently mistreated by the Guangzhou based Producer. To maintain objective distance in the question of this feud, we give you Chicken Pest.

Chiken Pest – Guangdong Heiren广东黑人 (xiami虾米)

Dirty Fingers – Trip to Cairo

Beloved punks Dirty Fingers are back with more old school garage rock. Their single, Trip to Cairo, is possibly a sign that more is to come. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one.

 Dirty Fingers ~ Trip to Cairo (xiami虾米)




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