Live Review: DieChiwawaDie! and Friends @ SD Livehouse 11/31/17

Qiii Snacks Records are my new favourite label after last night’s show in SD Livehouse. 

They pulled off a coup by bringing stunning Japanese band The天国畑Japon to Guangzhou. 

Japon toured with DieChiwawaDie! during No Limit Seoul, and Qiii Snacks were so impressed that they wanted to bring the band to their backyard for a few gigs. 

Despite having a very limited output at the moment, they brought the house down and were certainly the main attraction of the night. 

With vocals relayed through a distortionate mike, and practically drowned out by uproarious guitar lines (coming from a massive Orange amp no less) they fed psychedelia in the venue in the immediate aftermath of DieChiwawadie!’s opening session. 

Chiwawa set the tone nicely for the night, bouncing around the stage, screaming into the smoky rafters of SD Livehouse. Their aggressive vocals were only outdone by a fabulously bouncy and danceable rhythm section. 

Finally, local Guangzhou band and Qiii Snacks members 排插Pinboard finished the night with a rolicking, aggressive set. With their three vocalists stood out front of the stage bent furiously forward towards the mikes, they looked every bit the Black Flag/Ramones style punk arrangement. 

I’m waiting for the next one with baited breath. 

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