Weekender: 12/07/17 ~ 12/10/17

After all the excitement of last week’s Qiii Snacks Records extravaganza in SD Livehouse, there may be expectations that this coming weekend will be somewhat of a lull in activity.

Think again..

Guangzhou will again play host to a plethora of great and varied artists around the city. Let’s get to it.

Fazi @ TU Livehouse

Thursday, 7th December


Fazi continue their tour of China in TU Livehouse this Thursday night.

The Xi’an band will surely brew up a storm within the company conrete environs of Yangji’s best loved venue. Don’t miss out on their heady mix of psychedelic rock and post rock.

Kiss My Ass @ NT Livehouse

Saturday, 9th December

Have a good gander at all the Guangzhou scene has to offer in Daxue Cheng’s NT Livehouse this Saturday night.

Kiss my Ass sees bands from a variety of genres  such as Emo, Hip Hop and Metalcore take to the stage for a night as all encompassing as it gets.

Pay 80/100 for a ticket and arrive before 7pm to catch all the fun.

Xue Beng @ SD Livehouse

Sunday, 10th December

 Guangzhou natives Xuebeng (She’s Punk) will play in their hometown in support of their recent album, Inspire.

The all girl band bring a different flavour to SD Livehouse’s gritty environs. Recline in wonder at their powerful pop punk stylings in the venue beneath the bridge. Not to be missed, and for just 80/100, what excuse is there?

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