New Music China: Guangzhou (The White Tulips and 雪崩)

The White Tulips – Tian Mei Nan Wang Ye (甜美難忘夜)

While actually natives of the seaside city Xiamen in Fujian, The White Tulips with the help of well respected and wild Qiii Snacks Records of Guangzhou, have released their newest single Tian Mei Nan Wang Ye. They already released a re-issue of their debut with the label in April of this year, and it seems, with this release and some gigs in the area upcoming, The White Tulips may be getting ready to release more than a single – but who knows?

The White Tulips

Tian Mei is laced in funk, following up well on their psychedelic summery debut Fondle. Keyboard organs establish much of the melody, while dollops of reverb encircle the listener with all the cascading bliss of a joyous summer day spent at the seaside.

In other news Qiii Snacks Records hinted at a possible collaboration with Wild Records of Wushan City (home, at least for a short time, of Chinese Football.) Qiii Snacks have previously released splits with Struggle Session and Boring Productions.

Catch the single here



Xue Beng (雪崩) – Inspire 

All girl group Xue Beng will rock in SD Livehouse this coming Sunday, in support of their recently released Inspire. Xue Beng, whose English name is She’s Punk, have been very active this year, with two EP releases (including Inspire) and one single release, all of which are available on Chinese streaming site Xiami.


While described as a pop-punk group and purportedly inspired by J-pop, I would almost categorise the band as straight pop, with a vocalist whose vocal talent is about as strong as can be found in GZ. I’m reminded of old 80’s balladeers like Poison, Bon Jovi et al whilst listening to her sing on 21 o’ Clock.

Their album is a lot cleaner than most, but more and stronger positioning of guitars would be great, as the vocals do sometimes get in the way.

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