Live Review Guangzhou: She’s Punk (雪崩) @ SD Livehouse 12/10/17

She’s Punk brought their first physical release with them to SD Livehouse last night, and filled the venue out with friends, bubbles and large yoga balls. 

In support of new release Inspire, the all girl act played in front of a packed crowd and exuded the kind of excitement, confidence and ability that has endeared them to many. 

They arrived on stage dressed in onesies, before sidling off half way through their set to change into something a bit more formal-casual. 

Rapper Ann Big Soul bestrode the stage whilst She’s Punk were backstage. The air of festivity continued until the end of the night at which point members of the band took to the venue floor to take pictures with fans. 

Fellow Guangzhou natives Mover kicked the night off with high energy and instensity. 

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