New Music China: Fazi and Chinese Football

Our recent spate of PRD driven content has forced us into being terribly neglectful of our Northern friends. With new music coming thick fast from cities like Wuhan and Beijing, we have felt the need to right that wrong.

Without further ado, let us present…

Chinese Football

Chinese Football and Japan Friends – Come Together Vol 2

Who doesn’t love a good compilation? Chinese Football are certainly fans of the format as they are back again with a follow-up to their original Come Together project, this time with some foreign friends.

The Wuhan natives, and sometime Wild Records affiliates, enlist the help of Japanese artists, continuing a growing trend (or is it just me?) of Chinese bands who are reaching out beyond their borders for influence and inspiration – (Qiii Snacks Records et al.)

A blending together of very eclectic personalities ensues, some great, some not exactly polished. But the beauty of a compilation is that you are bound to come across something you like and bands like by the end of summer, SHIZUKU and Chinese Football themselves do a good job of filling up any holes in the plot of this particular compilation.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for volume 3.

Catch Come Together here. 


Fazi – Yuwang Zhiqian欲望之心 (The Heart of Desire)

Fazi, may now be on the heels of hitting Guangzhou in support of their latest album, The Heart of Desire, but with any luck they’ll be back soon strumming their guitars and pouncing around the walls of venues like TU Livehouse.

The Maybe Mars affiliates have moments of Jangle Rock affectations on this their latest album. Guitars on tracks like eponymous opener Fazi bounce and provide a stellar backdrop to singer Liu Peng’s mumbled vocals.

That initial joyous outburst does not always maintain – such is life, huh? But an array of interesting sounds and guitar effects, seemingly hitting along a wide range of different iterations of alternative guitar driven rock, keeps the listener, that’s you, enthralled for the extent of the journey.

Catch The Heart of Desire here.

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