New Music China: Dirty Fingers – How’d I Turn So Bad

Maybe Mars band Dirty Fingers release How’d I Turn So Bad their follow up to acclaimed first release Monkey King, and it is an exercise in messy vocals, raucous drumming and even harder guitar lines.

The Beijing record label are on a bit of a hot streak these past few months with some fantastic release from Fazi, Birdstriking and now Dirty Fingers – all three of which could be primed for inclusion in some Best of 2017 lists.

As stated on the label’s bandcamp : If not “perfect,” How’d I Turn So Bad? still just right, hitting the goldilocks zone between channeling the band’s forerunners — The Germs, The Cramps, their Beijing buddies Bedstars, early Talking Heads covered way too fast — and creating an energy and semi-damaged surf punk sound all their own

From the absolute beginning, Dirty Fingers are intent upon creating a tempestuous atmosphere. Dirty Fingers are one of China’s most exciting live acts, simply because the sound they create is perfect for supporting a fantastic live atmosphere.

Their messy, guitar and vocal combos would almost certainly fall apart but for the nice drum and bass rhythm section riotously working to maintain structure. That is something that a colleague said to me about The Libertines, that Carl Barat and Pete Doherty could afford to act and behave in any way that they wanted whilst on stage because they had the utmost faith in their rhythm section.

Be sure to get out and catch this band when they do make it to the South!

Catch Why’d I Become so Bad here

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