New Music China:Que Sheng & City Flanker

In the interest of compiling a more complete and comprehensive list of the best albums of this year, we are trawling the seemingly endless cavernous musical wastes of bandcamp and xiami in search of missed, forgotten or simply ignored albums.

In our first instalment we take a quick peek at Shoegazers Que Sheng and City Flanker.

City Flanker – Sound Without Time

2017 – 02 – 14

City Flanker Sound Without Time

Look past the immediately seductive album artwork, which fluorescent colours are nostalgically summery in this time of painfully cool weather. Released at the peak of Spring, City Flanker’s Sound Without Time is a gorgeous concatenation of atypical, and neglected shoegaze concepts.

If the artwork does indeed remind you of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, then perhaps City Flanker’s music will remind you of the beloved Irish band even more so. Murmured vocals, droning tremolo and loose dispassionate rhythm guitars all force an issue, or an idea, here.

The Shaoxing band will play Mao Livehouse in Hangzhou this coming Friday. If you are in the area, be sure to take a look.

Catch Sound Without Time here

Que Sheng – California Nebula

(2017 – 03 – 16)

Que Sheng - California Nebula

While some might argue that Que Sheng are less accomplished than the highly skilled musicians in our first band, City Flanker, it is quite clear that this pair of shoegaze/noise rock bands have awfully diverging takes on the genre.

Que Sheng, although prone to the lengthy and ambitious musical phrase, are more to the point, they pack a punch that is sharper and shorter. Their style of ambience and use of atmospheric space is reminiscent of certain late 90’s/early 00’s Britrock bands, like The Verve and Keane.

Contextually that comes off quite strange, but behind the moody, all-encompassing guitars resides a straighter line of thought, something more tangible in an every day sense. At any rate, they are very good at what they do.

Que Sheng will also play in Mao Livehouse this Friday, with another gig in Yuyin Chang in Shanghai on the following night.

Catch California Nebula here

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