Weekender – 12/21/17 – 12/25/17

Christmas is less than a few days away, which means it is time to get well and truly hammered. While it may be a time-honoured tradition to crack a few cans, open a few bottles of wine and chug a certain amount of jaeger-bombs, why not also take the chance to get off the beaten path with a trip to see your new favourite local band.


This weekend provides plenty of entertainment throughout Guangzhou..


December 23rd @ 191 Space

Ice Nova


Quickly becoming a bit of a haven for hip-hopsters, Guangzhou’s focus on urban music is beginning to evolve as experimental beat maker Ice Nova comes to down, playing at the eternally hip and eclectic 191 Space.

December 23rd @ SD Livehouse

Amazing Pillow Fight


What better way to spend a presumably cold and windy Saturday night than surrounded by the comfortable environs of linen and feathers and copious amounts of body heat.

No, we are recommending that you spend the evening in bed, instead take a jaunt down to SD Livehouse in Shayuan and beat some strangers over the head pillows to the sound of your favourite electronic music.

December 23rd/24th @ Party Pier, 118 Modiesha Dajie

HIU Christmas Rave


HIU have made a name for themselves after hosting two of the best parties of 2017, and now they are back for one final hurrah. 

Dutch DJ Jungle Terror Star Wiwek, Radical Bass Musician Cesqueax, Chace and Panta Q, amongst others, will help to place a cherry on the top of a great year. 

December 24th
Hong Hua Hui Jian Jian @ TU Livehouse


Have you started to notice a trend here? 

Venues such as 191 Space, TU Livehouse and SD Livehouse seem to be giving more energy week on week to Hip Hop and Rap artists. 

Catch up with Hong Hua Hui Jian Jian. Known amongst certain circles as a battle king, Hong’s sharp tongue will make for some interesting turns of phrase for the intrepid listener. 

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