New Music China: Nouvelle and The 尺口MP

In the interest of maintaining credit as a purveyor and archivist of great Chinese Indie Music, a year-end list is a must, right?


In the sense that we cannot truly provide you readers with a full and clear picture of the year in music without going back in time to a time before OneYearInGuangzhou to pick out the best of the best records of that time.


Nouvelle – Nouvelle

Nouvelle are another band tied to Guangzhou, which begs the question, is the city seeing a resurgence in musical talent, with the likes of She’s Punk, Nouvelle and of course the ubiquitious Qiii Snacks Records making waves around the country. Who knows?

Nouvelle是再一个广州的乐队。这些天有好多年经的乐队开始有很好的音乐,所以我有问题。跟乐队好像雪崩,Nouvelle和Qiii Snacks Records,广州现在越来越成为好地方对乐队。

What we can say, though, is that us Guangzhou-ers are luck to have Nouvelle on our side. Their crunchy guitars make their music jump rather than walk. Yelping vocals from singer Baozi, fantastic steady rhythm brought out by the bass and drums, and the interweaving joy of Baozi again brewing up a storm on guitar.


The 尺口MP - Love

Another Qiii band, this time from Fuzhou, in the next province over. Being provincial neighbours of fellow surf-rockers The White Tulips, it should come as no surprise that the band’s proximity to the sea and the surf and the sunshine glistens just as much as TWT’s.

来自福州,The 尺口MP住在海洋旁边,好像他们的同事The White Tulips,所以不应该吃惊海洋的影响向他们的音乐。

Released around April of this year, The 尺口MP’s debut EP was absolutely primed for a summer following.


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