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Que Sheng’s California Nebula was one of the hottest albums of the year. The Beijing based band created something thoroughly unique with their debut EP, so we wanted to have a quick chat to explore what exactly went into the making of it.

Who are you?

I am Eric from Que Sheng, guitarist in the band. 

Where are you from?

We are a band in Beijing, but three of our members are from Xinjiang. We’ve known each other since High School. Xinjiang is a good place, with an awesome  music scene and people, but I was drowned in shoegaze and cyberpunk in a cold building, with no fresh air or natural scene.

When did you start playing Music?

Junior high is the first time I made a band that played punk music. When I was in Senior High, I was part of a band that played Sonic Youth stuff and Post-Rock.


 What was the first band/album that inspired you to make your own music? 

For the sounds effects maybe come from the MBV Forsaken autumn and some other heavey fuzzy bands. But talking about the melody i think all the 90s and 00s british bands inspired me alot, like Radiohead, the Verve   Coldplay (their previews albums) and Oasis  and some sort of new gen bands like Jaws, Diiv, Peace, Swim Deep, Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing. I could say it all day hahhh. But we dont copy just catchup their minds.

Tell us about your first band

It’s just a cover band. Covering Greenday and Sum 41

What is California Nebula about? 

About our hometown my space dreams and all our thoughts at that time. I think the name dosent mean too much. Its just a code.

 How long did it take for you guys to make the album? 

If just counting the time we record. It took us about 1 week to record all the sounds for writing songs tooks 6 month. For that time we practice and fix the problems in the songs.

On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with the finished album and why

6… cuz the quality of our album sucks… we could do it better. 
What is next for your band? 

Maybe we had a plan to record something. And do something more cool than before!


You can catch Default’s latest album, California Nebula, on their xiami page if you search for their Chinese name – Que Sheng(缺省)

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