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I had a bit of natter with Baozi from Nouvelle recently.

They performed this weekend in 191 Space, on the tail end of their Teenage Riot mini-tour around the South of China. We spoke some about their plans for 2018 and what they thought about their well-received self-titled album of last year.

You guys had quite a good 2017, with your new album and plenty of concerts around the city. Did you expect such a good year?


Our first album I think theres a lot more to add to it, like recording or orchestrating, but we’re working on a second one, and it should be better, and we’re going to be releasing two more singles soon.

What were your expectations coming into 2017?


2017, musically, was dark, its not working, its not exciting


I hope in 2018 we can release an album. We will pay more attention to the arrangement above the thing, also we will ask more of ourselves on this new record.

Have you started writing songs for a follow-up record (to self-titled EP Nouvelle)?


Yes, we’re working on songs for our second album, and the last two singles will be included in it.

Do you have a style of music or any influence in mind for the second album?


More direct, maybe more noise and Grunge elements, and the content is more direct.

How will you make the music more direct? Will that go for the vocals, guitars or the songwriting generally?


Guitars may use more distortion, more riff-based, maybe remove the same reverb, and remove the extra touch



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