Interview: Shu Ying

Shu Ying describes herself as just a person making music casually, and while that may sound like an undersell of her accomplishments in her casual music career thus far, it also points towards the things that she could potentially do if given the freedom to pursue her music career as a profession rather than as a part-timer.

With the release of her second album, Girl’s Girl’s World, Shu Ying caught ears and eyes around the country’s independent music scene. The album appears on a variety of year end lists and has been praised widely for its musical and storytelling approach.

Shu does not tend to come at one genre specifically, although her roots do seem to be in alternative rock. It is rather a bit like she undertakes to be descriptive in the way she creates her songs, using sounds as ambience and atmosphere, rather than the other way around.

We caught up with her to talk about her past and future.

 Who are you? 

I’m just a person writing songs casually. I’m mixed of Kazak and Han, and I started to be trained as a painter in my early school days, then I became absorbed in music. The first rock song I heard is from my computer teacher’s windows 95. I spent my youth mostly in Shaoxing, Urumqi and Stockholm, and most of time, just idling around college as a science student. I used to play in several bands but found out I don’t want to be a guitarist or keyboarder or anything only instruments, also because I’m not really good at any of them. I like songs with interesting structure, melody covered by instruments that transcending beyond anything plain . And most importantly, the excitement brought by music. The dark things does not make me sad, it brings the indecipherable excitement naturally. I like to write, arrange lines and create stories more.

How is your day going so far? 

It’s going well generally. Some days are not so well, but I try to start everyday as new. I work in a digital agency currently and I’ve been running a indie label Waving Cat Records. I’ve been in loving at filming things lately, I film beautiful people and beautiful moments and I’m currently working on an music documentary.

Looking back on 2017, what are your fondest memories? I almost can’t remember, there are a lot, I can just remember some fondest feelings but don’t really remember what details indeed. But I can recall I love the moments in the studio so much, I wish I can have more time and chance working in the studio environment and just making songs.

 It has been a while since Girl’s Girl’s World came out, now that some time has passed what do you think about the record and how it was received?

I think it’s just a record in a certain periods. I love it in terms of I’m not influenced by the current music trends and just express in my own way but I don’t hear my work again. I have a lot more ideas want to try in the next one. Everyday I found new inspirations, I just wish I can write them down and have more free time.

5. What are your plans for 2018, musically, and what are your new years resolutions~travel more, eat healthy, perhaps a new album

A new album is on the way, I wish it will come out at the end of year, I haven’t start to plan it really, I’m just writing songs now.


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