New Music China: Backspace – Boom Boom King

Backspace are a band made in the mould of old krautrocking jam bands.


The Beijinger’s debut EP has been anticipated throughout the blogosphere with LiveBeijingMusic paying dues to them in their end of year celebration of bands that hit it in 2017.


On Boom Boom King, Backspace play around with expectations, with each track’s name being a variation on a pattern of the first six letters in the alphabet.


Opener AbcdeF is a nice introduction to their style of play. Depending on your disposition or on your mood, you may take it as being either a quite relaxing jaunt or a crazy concatenation of synths and guitar.


Whichever it is, AbcdeF is undeniably a walking track, a moving track, a song that takes you places or accompanies you on a journey. Backspace strike the listener as possessing that same old fashioned rock intelligence of bands like Moon Duo and their ilk.


On the other side of things, their use of organs, although sometimes brief, and the soft, undercurrent fashion in which they suspend their stilted vocals recall the Germanic psychedelia of someone like Can and Damo Suzuki.


The nine-minute closer FabcdE is an act of oneness that I can barely comprehend. This oddysean behemoth belies the belief of a person like myself, with barely enough patience to stand still on a metro train for ten minutes.


That is perhaps the crux, for me, of Boom Boom King, that patience, that playing around and jamming can bring about wonderful and unexpected results.


Certainly a great debut piece by a highly talented and stylish band. We are already anticipating their follow-up this year on Maybe Mars.

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