New Music China: She Never Sings Our Songs and Moonband

I took some time to highlight some bands that were recently featured on Nerd Noise 2 this week. She Never Sings Our Songs are an instrumental group from Beijing and Moonband are an Indie group from nearby Zhaoqing city in Guangdong.

She Never Sings Our Songs – She Never Sings Our Songs

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Having been featured on Chinese Football’s Come Together Volume 1 last year, this band have certainly made some big strides as regards their instrumental rock music.

Their sweet and dreamy vocals, delicate guitar lines and interesting use of samples all combine to make truly beautiful music. 20% sounds like the feeling of a dissolving sugar cube on the tongue. Dark Sea Salt is solemn and reflective.

This is an album about a metropolis of characters and memories according to their bandcamp description and it feels that way, a backdrop with no lyrics ready to be sketched upon with the listeners own ideas.

You can catch She Never Sings Our Songs on Xiami and Bandcamp

MoonBand – Convenience Store Girl


Released in October of last year nonetheless, I just stumbled across this local band via the wonder of compilations and found them so good that I wanted to write about their last release.

Best categorised as a Post Rock band, Moonband make music with jumping, deviating guitars and steadily emphatic drumbeats. With lyrics all in Chinese it is hard for me to decipher their meaning, but their is the sense of romance their. Softly sung and seemingly heartfelt tones give the impression that the singer has fallen for the Convenience Store Girl in questions.

They have made appearances in Guangzhou recently, notably at Mao Livehouse during December, and I am excited to see them come back to the city in the near future.

You can catch Moonband on Xiami and Douban


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