4 of Hong Kong’s Best Indie Labels

White Noise Records

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Notable Bands:

International acts include: 


Sleepy Party People; 

World’s End Girlfriend; 



Mouse on the Keys. 

Why Are They So Interesting?:

Originally a music store, White Noise developed into an event planner and promoter as the guys behind the Don Delillo-esque Record Store undertook to bring more than the usual run of bands to Hong Kong. 

As such they developed into a team of folks with an eye looking out beyond the borders of the small territory to the South, towards places like Japan, Ireland and Denmark. 

Besides being the longest running label on this list, White Noise Records inspires music fans like you and I to take the law of the land into our own hands. Their development and commitment to musical excellence has seen the label grow and grow over the years into a multifarious operation with fingers and toes in many pies. 




Notable Bands: 

The Tracy Lords; 

The Squawk; 


Captain Turpentine. 

Why are they interesting?:

Art E Fracture has been a presence on the Hong Kong indie scene for years, writing for publications like Unite Asia, giving a platform to small, creative punk acts to have their music heard, while also teaming up with other indie platforms around the city.

Via their facebook page, Artefracture define themselves as a label for the outcasts and the misfits, and the idealists who create music in the midst of hard times, for the sake of the music.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Artefracture/

Sweaty & Cramped

Notable Bands:




Why are they interesting?:

Sweat & Cramped are popularising and making possible the publication of physical releases for small bands. Having run their lathe cut vinyl series, This Ain’t Gonna Cut It, throughout last year and into the early months of 2018, they will follow up this year with a cassette series called Don’t Sleep on This. 

As demand and infrastructure for physical vinyl and cassette releases grows in China, these Hong Kongers have shown that quality goods are available even for small bands. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweatyandcrampedhk/

Songs for Children

Songs for Children.jpg

Notable Bands:



What are they interesting?: 

Thud’s upcoming release on the label will reach our ears around May of this year. It is sure to be a doozy, as with their previous records – with shades of Bedroom Rock, Shoegaze and Math Rock combining to create ethereality defined. 

What makes this release that bit different is that label-runner Jane Blondel has partnered with UK label Ghost Records, established by Matt Spalding who worked on the management team for Slowdive, The Editors and Ghost Poet. Thud have the talent and the sound to crossover into the indie mainstream in the UK, and their international ambition is a sight to behold. 



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/songsforchildenrecords/

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