New Music China: Zaliva-D; Serge Teysott-Gay & Xie Yugang; VOOID

Zaliva-D – Sky Singing

SVBKVLT are a record label without borders. They don’t generally seem to stick to any schema when it comes to the music that they choose to publish, nor the areas from which they pluck new artists.

This latest release by the Shanghai based label comes courtesy of Beijing dark electronic duo Zaliva-D, who have been making music since 2003. Billed as a conceptual album, Sky Singing employs ancient, spiritual and ambient features to create a sound that is darkly menacing and also thoughtful and uplifting.

The opener, Extinction, is a prime example of their wide range of interests and ideas. The song itself seems to be broken into a few different segments, with each part exuding a certain quality – a sound steeped in pagan ritual, or in archaic spirituality, a film-score for Jungle adventures.

As usual, I am in awe of how musicians like this duo can fit together these disparate influences while still managing to make something as catchy and rhythmic as the much warmer, albeit similarly ambient, tracks of someone like Alice Coltraine.

Release Date – April 6, 2018

Record Label – SVBKVLT

Bandcamp URL –

Serge Teyssot Gay/Xie Yugang – A Nano World 一帧世纪

Having played with one another in Dalian in 2016 while Serge was touring China, Wang Wen’s Xie Yugang and Serge Teyssot-Gay talked about musical ideas and the possibility of one day making music together.

Xie Yugang, better known for his part in the Post Rock band Wang Wen, has recently been spending quite a bit of time on Ambient projects, previously teaming up with PK14 super producer Yang Haisong on Blazy and White Shirt, whilst also creating his own solo piece – Echo in Library.

Both musicians are gentle and their precarious musical adjustments flow like ripples in a pond, sending shockwaves through their overarching rhythms and subsequently through the listener.

Ostensibly a guitar album, this is like no other guitar album I have ever heard. Both musicians have such clear ideas and mastery of their instruments that the effect sounds more like a hazy prairie day, with effects like buzzing dragonflies and airplanes passing overhead.

Stunning stuff.

Release Date – April 16, 2018

Record Label – Space Circle Music

Bandcamp URL –


Hom Sheng Hao is much adored in these parts of China. The now defunct Touming Magazine have achieved a legendary status amongst music fans throughout the South who grew up listening to their

VOOID’s first album was released last year, but in light of their impending tour around China, it seems like as good a time as any to have a real, good listen.

Perhaps there is something about life on the island of Taiwan, but that part of the world seems to produce quite a bit of Surf-Punk, or generally surf and sunshine, inspired music. Here VOOID put me in mind of acts like Wavves, Surfer Blood and even to a certain degree Best Coast.

Maintaining the Lo-Fi sound of previous projects, VOOID’s members a brilliant guitar heavy sound with vocals half-buried in the fuzz and in energetic drums, a la early Modest Mouse.

Besides more hard-hitting tracks on the album, there are instrumental interludes, enter-ludes and exit-ludes (those last two are not words in case your wondering) whilst also playing around with found sounds. There are also Jazz  and Math influences to be found on 0982-VOO-ID1, and a tonne of other hidden gems and genreplay dotted around the album (Such as weird ambient flutes on 一億年前.)

Great music, can’t wait to see it live.

Release Date – October 9, 2017

Record Label – Petite Alp Records

Wangyi URL –

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