Lonely Leary’s Through the Park, Almost There

Lonely Leary – Through the Park, Almost There

There is something to be said for real, crunching, rambling Post Punk. Around the time that I was really discovering music I was also discovering Joy Division, The Fall, Television and Gang of Four. Punk came later, funnily enough. I suppose my favorite song to have come from that genre of work would be Atrocity Exhibition, purely for the William Burroughs, odyssean atmosphere that seemed to bellow from their hushed guitar sound.

Lonely Leary capture that same menacing, skid row, interzone feeling on tracks like Hou Machang, Flanuer and Arsonist. Their buzzcut guitars and emphatic drumming beat an incessant rhythm, an inescapable force that pulls the listener inwards.

Listening to Through the Park, Almost There is a bit like the adrenaline rush you feel whilst doing something quite dangerously stupid and exhilarating.

And that is the beauty of Post Punk. It’s dirty and raw, but it gets into your skin and your bloodstream like no other music can.


Record Label – Maybe Mars

Release Date – April 27, 2018

Bandcamp URL – http://downloads.maybemars.org/album/through-the-park-almost-there

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