Chen Chen Chen’s Psychedelic Legacy

Chen Chen Chen, out of Hangzhou, is back with a collection of fantastic early works. These earlier experimental works show a mind in flux, with various fruitful sonic ideas explored throughout.

With four discs and 20 songs in total to chew on, listeners can chart the progress of Chen’s musical career from his 2009 debut, Abyss, all the way to his more recent output, as on the CUBE series, which takes the influence of electronic atmospherics as its jump off point.

 Chen Chen Chen’s sometimes plodding, sometimes high-octane pace is always measured through eerie, space-infused beats. He creates unforgiving sci-fi worlds within his music which can be devastating or totally uplifting depending on the songs tone or mood.

For an electronic artist as accomplished as his peers in Beijing, Chen is sometimes forgotten in the indie music sphere. If anything this album reminds listeners that the Hangzhou based musician is certainly not to be ignored or forgotten.

Record Label – 谜团/Mystery Records

Release Date – April 22, 2018

Xiami URL –

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