New Music China: Pool Of Light – 淵 (Abyss)

In the midst of a highly productive 2018, which has already seen the release of two previous records, comes another wonderful, longer album and the cause for a celebration as it sees Pool of Light release via a label for the first time – St Petersburg based, Pantheon Records.

While we get a taste of Pool of Light’s signature bowed guitars here, we also hear the lesser known Zhongruan, apparently a Chinese Tenor Lute, which makes for some medieval sounding moments. Certainly from the outset there is a certain difference to what we are used to from Pool of Light and what we now hear.

Having said that, Burn quickly descends from being a nice, chirpy springtime fling into a catastrophic, witchy yell into the.. yeah you guessed it.. the abyss. Building and falling, building and falling, these tracks take an idea as their starting point, aptly entitled in both Chinese and English, and create an interesting soundscape on which to circulate around that idea.

And I suppose that is what I love about quirky tracks like Memory, which brims above a burning fire, or Dim, which cements the increased use of straight up strummed strings – there is a certain variety to be found in their undulations that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Record Label – Pantheon Records (Russia)

Release Date – May 12, 2018

Bandcamp URL – 

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