Supper Moment Reveal Their Softer Side

I was fortunate enough to catch Supper Moment in T:Union in Guangzhou last year when they played as part of Zhaoze’s Live Wild Music Week. Ostensibly a Pop Rock band, they can absolutely put on a hell of a performance. Lead-man Sunny Chan interacted fantastically with the crowd and made every facial gesture under the sun in the course of their short set.

The Hong Kongers are back with their latest album, dal segno, which features 9 tracks stacked with soaring guitars, well measured vocals and tireless drumming. Funnily enough this is the kind of album that reminds me of listening to similar Irish bands like Delorentos and The Coronas back in my teenage years.

In the course of researching this piece, I came across Supper Moment’s Facebook page and I was shocked to see the number of their followers on that particular social media site – 127k. Nothing against Supper Moment, I am just used to seeing bands lingering around the 500-1000 like mark.

As quite a big fan of feel-good music, and after listening to their album in full, its not really a surprise. They are both highly energetic and tight as fuck musically – even playing around with the usual format of Pop Rock songs. In their punkier moments they rock, but they also take the tone down, incorporating soft vocals, acoustic guitar and a slower pace, inviting a more romantic, balladeering atmosphere.

Personal highlights on this album include 一样不一样,大丈夫 and 周一.

Record Label – Post Youth

Release Date – April 13, 2018

Xiami URL –

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