New Music China: Nerve Passenger – Addiction

Shanghai Psych-Rock band Nerve Passenger kick off the summer with a brand new debut album, following up on their March single release, Wet & Cold, just in time for their first China tour.

They have embarked on that trip around China and will play in NT Livehouse this coming Friday at 8.30. A trip all the way out to University Island should be well worth it to see this group of young independent artists.

Their 7 track Lo-fi debut album, Addiction, is low on vocals, high on instrumentation. They play around with guitar reverb and pedals to straddle the point between what is Post Rock and what is Psychedelia, neither of which are clear cut it seems.

Goodbye to the Temple is a 7-minute wonder of tendentious vocals and high-pitched twanging guitars, smooth and stuttering drums. As such it is a perfect ending for an album which revels in casting an interesting musical idea.

Record Label – Independent

Release Date – April 7, 2018

Xiami URL –

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