New Music China: Spice – 无限电阻/Infinite Resistance

Woe betide me, I missed Spice when they came to Guangzhou in April. This fantastic Hangzhou based psychedelic band, built in the same mould as the next artist – Chen Chen Chen, can sooth my stupid soul with some lovely new music via StreetVoice.

White Blood Cell opens with some loping Americana a la Deerhunter, although those sweet rhythms shortly give way to a sound more in sync with the space-y techno of someone like Underworld. Understated vocals peer through waterfalling electronica in a vein somewhat similar to Air.

Synchronization Rate is more technically explorative, and is reminiscent of the Math Rock of their younger peers, with some impressive drum and woodblock rhythms on display. Foul Love is full robotic R ‘n’ B, a la a male FKA Twigs. Taking all these songs as a package, we can hear the versatlity of this supremely talented threesome.

This is a fantastic, experimental, highly listenable album from a very talented group of musicians. Must listen.

Record Label – StreetVoice/Mystery Records

Release Date – March 23, 2018

Xiami URL –

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