Guangzhou Designer Two Moons on Constructing Clothes From Found Objects

Seong Jeong Tai on Xiaoyuan Bei Lu is home to a plethora of artists and creatives who form a collaborative community with a self-professed horizontal plane of partnership.

The interesting space is set back into a bustling neighbourhood of shops, apartments and schools. SJT goes by unnoticed by those who pass the storefront each day, despite the effusion of lights and colors which burst from busy shelves and countertops.

Funded by Times Museum in Huangbian, Baiyun District, SJT is a petri-dish for young artists working in the city. Ideas are discussed and formed back in Huangbian at another of Times Museum’s beneficiaries, HB Station, and brought to bear on events taking place in the more open, public space which SJT offers.

Amongst those who display their work in this space are photographers, craft beer enthusiasts, pop-up hairdressers and clothes designers. I spoke to one such designer – 苗子 Miaozi – about her TaoBao store and design catalogue –  Two Moons.



How long have you been designing clothes?

This question is very difficult to answer (·□·); )

When did you first begin to co-operate with SJT?

When I quit my job last summer, I simply turned my room into a clothes shop. One day I met my friend Money while she was on the way to the SJT, she took me to SJT for the first time. I loved the feeling of the place and, by the end of summer, I decided to put my clothes shop on their site.

Where does the name Two Moons come from?

From a novel, 1Q84 (by Haruki Murakami, in which the two protagonists see two moons belonging two different worlds.)

How would you describe your own personal style?

Everyone is a self-owned brand of MC Pig (hahaha, the lyrics of a song I heard the other day.)

Why did you decide to use TaoBao as a place to sell your clothes?

TaoBao is just a convenient link to buy, but I’m too lazy to stay in one place and I’ll feel more satisfied with a few different spaces, but most of the stuff is in the store for now.

TaoBao acts like a catch-all online shop for Chinese residents. You can buy, sell and become an entrepreneur in your own right in much the same way as eBay, Depop and other similar websites. For young creatives, TaoBao can be a valuable source of much-needed funds for future projects. 

 Certain pieces like the furry bucket hat, are quite retro – and recall 90’s style, is there a certain time in history whose style you enjoy?

The fluffy bucket cap is actually copied, coming from a Japanese-made (brand unknown) antique hat I had picked up on the street before.

Whose style do you like in history?

For me, it doesn’t matter what kind of style. I like to watch the streets as much as I like to watch a show.

Actually usually, people who study art and design ask me this question.

Other than design what other creative work do you do?

Recently, I have formed a band (空气炸Hell Kitty) with my friends who spend a lot of time on the balcony (SJT), and I try to write songs and lyrics when I’m alone.

Do you design all of your clothes yourself?

No, a lot of it was recycled from friends. Last month we picked up hundreds of perfectly packaged white shirts on the street. I just washed them again, sometimes in a different way and sometimes put them together.

In fact, I don’t think I ever wanted to design a dress, because you are always asked to design a dress, as if the understanding of design is to start with the idea and buy the material and make a dress that I’ve never seen before.

There’s a sequence, and then we’re talking about who is designing. But it is copied. Sometimes I think fashion makes so much garbage, like a big garbage accelerator. I hate it.


Do you have any plans for new pieces? And how do you decide on what way you design your clothes?

My plan is usually tied to the financial situation. I don’t have much choice. All I can do is turn garbage into money. In the last two months I have joined forces with some other designers called 美美 and PP. I don’t know what they have planned yet.


You can go see more of Two Moons work on Instagram at:

And you can buy from their TaoBao store at:

Two Moons TaoBao Store


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