New Music China: Seippelabel Vol. 10

Seippelabel Vol. 10

The tenth volume of the Seippel’s brilliant series of compilations focuses primarily on dance music, on electronic music that gets your toes tapping. Brad and Michelle Seippel have brought together ten fantastic artists from around the globe for this one – which seems like a celebration of sorts.

Originally their plan was to put together ten compilations, and with this one put to bed, who knows if there will be any more to come. But that is beside the point, because this compilation provides music fans with so much to sink their teeth into.

With such a disparate list of artists, from places like China, Australia, Mexico and Singapore, the running theme was experimentation. That is well in keeping with the underground tendencies of the curators behind the album.

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Beginning with Toby Davis’ stutter stepping trip hop, we float through tribal inspired funk via Fauxe. We grow further into the underground alongside juke and footwork tracks from Eric Uh and percentius.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of this compilation is the fact that each single track is surprising and unique. The idiosyncrasy of each artist blends into the next, leaving the listener fully satisfied at the dark centre of the dance floor.

Record Label – Seippelabel

Release Date – July 1, 2018

URL –¬†

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